January 11, 2018


How many of you have had your engagement photos done before? None? One? Maybe Two? Well don’t worry, these engagement photo tips are for everyone – no matter your previous experience. Most couples have never even been in front of a lens before (phone cameras don’t count). We know it can be a nerve-racking, even panic-inducing experience, so here are 5 tips for amazing engagement photos.

candid engagement photos
1. Wear Something Comfortable and Be Yourself

The most important part of your engagement shoot is to express yourself freely. You want your photographer to capture your real selves and your genuine love. This means being as comfortable to be your same cheesy selves as when nobody is watching. Make sure you choose clothing that you are familiar with (nothing brand new) and fits comfortably. Your outfit should add to your confidence, not leave you with something to worry about. If you’re concerned about your image, it will be harder to capture the beautiful candid moments between you and your love.

Beautiful couple kissing in San Diego Sunset Cliffs
2. Make It A Date

Starting early and making a date out of it will help you set the mood for the photoshoot. It will help you feel less nervous, more connected, romantic, relaxed, etc. You may not be able to take an entire day off, but make sure you give yourselves enough time to enjoy and celebrate this special moment. You can go to a favorite coffee shop, the place you shared your first kiss, or anything you bonded over from the start. Guys, bonus points if YOU plan the romantic date!

                                     Gina and Ryan Photography

3. Location, Location, Location

Your engagement shoot location is a powerful way to reflect who you are as a couple. Do you guys love a quiet, cozy, intimate night in to simply enjoy each others’ company? A home session could be a great fit. If you’re more of an outdoorsy, dirty-boots-and-messy-hair kind of couple, going for a hike with your photographer would make the most sense. As long as you stay true to yourself you will give your photographer plenty to work with, without having to think too hard about it.

Forest engagement pictures
4. Hire A Professional Photographer

Picking up from Tip 3, a professional photographer is more than someone who understands the technical aspects of a fancy camera. They will be able to direct you in a fluid and natural way, essentially taking the lead from your subtle cues as a couple. Experience plays a big role here. After shooting dozens to hundreds to thousands of couples, a professional learns how to break the ice and get you both feeling relaxed. You won’t even notice all the magic they’re making behind the lens!

It’s also worth noting here that it pays to hire the same photographer for your wedding as your engagement session. You’ll already have an established rapport with them, and you’ll feel more comfortable on the day it matters most.

5. Schedule Your Session Around The Sun

You know that beautiful golden light that illuminates the couples’ hair and eyes from behind, making the image seem like a dream? We hate to break it to you, but that doesn’t happen at 12pm on a Saturday afternoon (not without extensive Photoshop, anyway). The light is best for photos when the sun is low in the sky, even for indoor sessions. Think sunrise and sunset: soft golden light, long dramatic shadows, and an ethereal feeling of change and beauty. Combine that with a personal location that makes you and your partner feel comfortable after a fun date day, and you’re setting yourselves and your professional photographer up for engagement photos worthy of every blog on the internet!

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candid engagement photos
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