April 1, 2017
Bride and groom stare at each other in the mountains
Our weekend in Cambria started with an unexpected challenge…..

Kerstin and Spencer, aka the kindest and most generous humans on the planet, invited us to stay in The Big House with the rest of their closest family and friends for the weekend of their central California outdoor wedding. [showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less” hidden=”yes”]

In case you missed it, we go into more detail on the gorgeous outdoor wedding venue here on our blog. Anyway, as wedding photographers we make ourselves available to help with anything. Driving up from LA on Friday morning, Kerstin called and asked if we could do her a small favor. Somehow, her extremely skittish cat Snack Pack had gotten outside. So we received the challenge of getting her back into the house.

Naturally, we are both dog people who have never owned a cat. So after Mike scared her away once, we had to call and consult the bride’s best friend Catelyn. After much effort and driving (there is zero cell service at the house), we got through to Catelyn. She advised us to lure Snack Pack in with food and a feather (she apparently really likes peacocks). Funny enough, Mike just had to wander away from the house for Snack Pack to walk right up to Sari. We could finally head up to The Big House, as heroes who saved the cat!

Let the Good Times Roll

We loved this wedding from start to finish. Kerstin and Catelyn had picked fresh wildflowers the day before. Spencer and his team at Barrelhouse Brewery had brewed the beer. And the entire attitude of the day remained mellow and joyful. Kerstin and Spencer’s central California outdoor wedding defied all tradition: they spent as much time together as possible by hanging out before the ceremony; both bride and groom enjoyed beer before, during, and after the ceremony; they had no cake to cut, nor did they do the bouquet toss. The simple structure allowed everyone to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape. We felt honored to be part of this special day, because it is exactly how we want to get married! Honestly, we wish Kerstin and Spencer could get married ten times so we could come party with their families. We had such a blast celebrating with them, and we feel happy to have them as friends for life.[/showhide]

To Kerstin & Spencer:

You two are some of the most centered and fun people we have encountered. You live life simply and appreciate the people in your life and the things you have. Quite honestly, you guys exemplify the goals that we hope to achieve some day. We feel lucky to have gotten to know you, and we want to make Morro Bay a regular stop! Spending more time with goats can only make life better. We could always use some great cheese and beer, too. Oh yeah, and maybe some time with you guys while we’re at it 🙂 Next time, we’d love to get some disc golf and Settlers of Catan in! You guys rock.


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