July 16, 2016
The Last Bookstore Engagement Pictures
For the Love of Books

When we first met Vasha & Richard, we were immediately struck by their confident vibrance as a couple. They engaged us in conversation ranging from family background to the influence of media on our psychic well-being. We left our first meeting with light bulbs glowing above our heads! These two have an undeniable electricity about them, and when they said they wanted a library shoot we knew it would be fire. It also presented a healthy challenge for us. As outdoor photographers, we feel at home in natural light, and when we shoot indoors we prefer to use flash. However, given the tight space of the location, flash simply wasn’t an option. So to bring these Last Bookstore engagement pictures to life, we had to work with the naturally low indoor lighting. Luckily for us, we had an amazingly instinctual couple to shoot. Vasha & Richard made it easy for us to capture them in their element. Enjoy!

Por el Amor de Los Libros

Cuando conocimos a Vasha y Richard, nos sorprendió inmediatamente su inteligencia. En los primeros minutos ya estábamos en una conversación la influencia de los medios de comunicación en nuestro bienestar. Estos dos tienen una electricidad increíble, y cuando dijeron que querían una sesión en una biblioteca, sabíamos que sería totalmente único. También presentó un desafío para nosotros. Es mas fácil tomar fotos al aire libre por la luz natural, y cuando fotografiamos en interiores preferimos usar flash, y la biblioteca que elegimos, el flash simplemente no era una opción. Así que para dar vida a estas fotos, tuvimos que trabajar con luz baja. Por suerte, tuvimos una pareja increíblemente fácil de fotografiar. Estaban en su elemento.

Engaged couple showing off ring by a circle of books
Engagement ring surrounded by books
Colorful books engagement pictures
Beautiful couple gazing at each other between colorful books
Lovers walking among books in Los Angeles California
Black and white couple in The Last Bookstore
Couple reading in The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA
Couple kissing in a bookstore
First floor of The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles
Engaged couple posing in book bridge at The Last Bookstore
To Vasha & Richard:

You two make up one of the most unique couples we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, in the best way. We truly enjoyed conversation with you. It was the opposite of shallow; you guys waste no time on frivolous subjects, and we love that. Your photo shoot helped us to push our boundaries as photographers, and we are grateful to you for that! We hope you can forgive us for the heat in The Last Bookstore and that Sari’s epic water run made up for it. 😉 Vasha, you especially have a great instinct for photos. You made it exceptionally easy to capture stunning portraits, and needed much less direction than you thought! We hope you guys are both happy with your Last Bookstore engagement pictures. We had a blast shooting you 🙂

Para Vasha & Richard:

Ustedes dos son alguna de las personas mas inteligentes que hemos tenido el placer de conocer. Son lo contrario de superficial; ustedes no pierden el tiempo en temas casuales, y nos encanta eso. Su sesión de fotos nos ayudó a empujar nuestros límites como fotógrafos, y estamos eternamente agradecidos por eso.


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