February 8, 2017
Married Couple Walking Through Snow
Because Nothing Ever Goes According To Plan

When May and Ian invited us to Lake Tahoe to be the only others present while they exchanged their vows, we knew it would be the trip of a lifetime. We love the spirit of elopement photography, and they are easily one of the most affectionate and adventurous couples we have gotten to know. Their carefree attitude carried us through the hilarious mishaps of the trip (because nothing ever goes according to plan). [showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less” hidden=”yes”]

A Series of Not-So-Unfortunate Events

First, the rain. We are no strangers to moody weather, and Tahoe delivered with three days of constant drizzle. May and Ian weren’t discouraged; they embraced the cold rain and and even picked up some cute umbrellas. Those two turn everything into a reason to laugh!

Second, the rock slide. The guys had originally planned on exchanging their vows at Sand Harbor, but the highway had different ideas. We turned around and discussed some options while driving… a different beach, the forest, the top of the mountain. We couldn’t afford to drive too long though, as we were losing light. May nearly jumped out of the car when she saw the spot: a gorgeous snow-capped rock formation totally immersed in pristine pine forest. We pulled over, strapped on our snow shoes, and made our way to the spot. It seemed like they fell in love all over again. You don’t often see brides as happy as May when everything goes wrong!

Who Needs The Wedding Band, Anyway?

But the day had one last surprise in store for us. After Ian and May exchanged their vows, they started to walk into the woods. When May tried to take a step backward, her snow shoe caught and she fell into the snow! Ian reflexively thrust out his right hand to try and catch her (like any good husband would do), unconsciously jerking his left hand backwards and throwing the ring off of his finger. He had worn it a grand total of less than five minutes. May was totally fine, but Ian was a bit worried (like any good husband would be). We put down the cameras to help them search, but after an hour we still hadn’t found it.[/showhide]

South Lake Tahoe Elopement Photography
Winter Elopement in the Snow
Married Couple Kisses in Lake Tahoe
Black and White Couple Laughing in Lake Tahoe Elopement
Groom Speaking Vows in Lake Tahoe
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Artistic Elopement Photography in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Elopement Photography
Lovers Elopement in Lake Tahoe
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Fun Bride and Groom

We decided to collect ourselves and come back to find the lost wedding ring in an hour. So we headed back to our home base, The Coachman Hotel, to tackle the situation.[showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less” hidden=”yes”]

What began as simple elopement photography had escalated into a full-scale find and rescue mission! The amazing hotel staff played a pivotal role: they connected us with a local hobbyist with a metal detector. Curtis was nice enough to drive from his mountain home in the rain to help hunt for the ring! With his help, we found it in five minutes, hiding beneath a finger’s width of snow. We’re pretty sure they could hear our cheer from the other side of the lake. We arrived back at the Coachman with light hearts, to find that they left a bottle of champagne in our room! May and Ian are that quintessential adventurous couple who make the most of every situation, and they started their life together on that exact note. They have a happy, exciting life ahead of them and we are so happy to have shared this one-of-a-kind day with them! [/showhide]

Champagne for the Elopement at the Coachman Hotel
Congrats to the Newlyweds at the Coachman Hotel
Newlyweds Kissing at the Coachman Hotel
Newlyweds Celebrating at the Coachman Hotel
Content Couple at the Coachman Hotel in Lake Tahoe
Beautiful Newlyweds in Lake Tahoe
A Tender Moment After the Elopement

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