November 4, 2017
Ojai California Wedding
An Ojai California Wedding Is Always A Good Idea

A chance encounter with Jacob’s mom, Mary, led us to meeting this amazing couple. Jacob and Krystal have gone through many trials together and it’s clear that their love has strengthened for it. They have a calm and vibrant energy as a couple, which made for smooth sailing on their Ojai California wedding day. They, along with Mary and her husband Jeff, kindly invited us to their home to share coffee and get to know each other. We love seeing warmth and affection in families, and this one was a perfect example. Throughout the evening, we found that we have many similar interests: artesinal jewelry, the outdoors, and Game of Thrones (of course). When they asked us to be their wedding photographers, we knew we were in for something special. We always get a little emotional, because weddings, but this one hit even more because of the parent’s obvious joy. It was well deserved for the union of these exceptional humans.

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To Krystal & Jacob:

You guys are awesome! We loved getting to know your story, as it gave so much depth to your union. You both have more strength than anyone comprehends, and we hope you know how much respect we have for you! Your energy is lighthearted and fun; we really enjoyed spending time with you. You have a great group of people around you between family and friends who are like family. We are honored for your trust in capturing your Ojai California wedding and we hope you love the photos! It was a moving experience that we feel grateful to have been a part of. From the venue, the Ojai Ranch House, to the flowers, to the ceremony, to the cake, it was a day to remember! We hope we can catch up soon. You guys rock!

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krystal : 07:51 December 9, 2017 Reply
No you guys are the best! What a beautiful and kind thing to say, this post definitely warmed our heart. Thank you guys for capturing one of the most memorable days of our life. We could not be happier with the photography. You both have a rare, distinct eye for capturing a moment. Seeing our wedding through your lens is priceless. We thank you both for sharing your talent and skill on our wedding day. With love and gratitude, Krystal and Jacob

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