June 26, 2017
Beautiful couple kissing in San Diego Sunset Cliffs
Somewhere, Beyond the Sea…..

With summer in full swing, our trip down to San Diego could not have come at a better time. To be honest, we would have been happy just to spend some time by the sea. Instead, Lindsay and Blake invited us down for the weekend and showed us their neighborhood. The south end of Pacific Beach centers on community, and it refreshed us to see so much local business! Lindsay and Blake took us to their favorite acai bowl spot, the coffee shop down the street, and the beach. All within walking distance! We really loved spending some time with them and getting to know them before shooting. They shared their thoughts on love, on life, and on whatever tangent came up. They gave us the vision for their shoot, which they wanted to do at a pretty well-known spot. This San Diego Sunset Cliffs anniversary shoot challenged us because we wanted to incorporate the moon into the photos. Thankfully, the tide pools offered amazing reflection opportunities, and Lindsay and Blake offered their goofy, unique love. We had such a blast shooting their contagious energy!

En Algún Lugar, Más Allá del Mar…..

Nuestro viaje a San Diego no podría haber llegado en un mejor momento. Para ser honesto, hubiéramos estado felices de no mas pasar algún tiempo junto al mar. En cambio, Lindsay y Blake nos invitaron por todo el fin de semana y nos mostraron su ciudad. El extremo sur de Pacific Beach se esfuerza en crear comunidad, y quedamos admirados de ver tanto negocios familiar ! Lindsay y Blake nos llevaron a su lugar favorito “Tazón de Acai,” una cafetería al aire libre, y la hermosa playa. Todo a poca distancia! Nos encantó pasar tiempo con ellos y conocerles antes de empezar la sesión. Ellos Compartieron sus pensamientos sobre el amor, sobre la vida y sobre la naturaleza. Los pasamos increíble con Lindsay y Blake.

Couple being goofy over San Diego cliffs
Lovers laughing for their Anniversary photo shoot
Black and white couple staring into each others eyes
San Diego couple kissing at sunset
Couple kissing under the moon
To Lindsay & Blake:

Thank you two so much for welcoming us to your neighborhood for your San Diego Sunset Cliffs anniversary shoot. You guys both give off a radiant energy. We truly enjoyed all of the conversation, food, and laughs. The juice may have been the highlight of the entire trip! But seriously, the love you share inspires us and we know that you will only continue to grow on your journey. We appreciate your willingness to open up to us, and we think it came across in the photos. Next time, we hope you guys want to include Gordo in the photos. Please tell him we say hi, and we can’t wait to come visit you guys again!

Para Lindsay y Blake:

Muchas gracias a los dos por darnos la mejor bienvenida a San Diego. Ustedes dos emiten una energía radiante. Realmente disfrutamos de toda la comida, la conversación y la risas. El mor que comparten nos inspira y sabemos que seguirá creciendo en sus vidas.

Lindsay : 21:34 December 12, 2017 Reply
We love you guys!!! Thanks for being so fun and making us so comfortable. The combination of your visions together is magical!

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