August 4, 2018


Mike Playing Guitar on Our Summer Road Trip
Mike finding a different angle for music-making, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
A Summer Road Trip For The Books

In June 2016, Sari and I set out on our Summer Road Trip, kicking off what would become the Summer of Love. 🙂 We drove from Florida to California, stopping in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, and more to visit friends and capture snapshots of the United States. The photos that follow are some of our favorites.

Fake Proposal in Jacksonville, FL
A "Practice" Proposal in Jacksonville, Florida. Don't worry, the real one is coming soon enough!
Casual Sunrise Dip Kiss on Our Summer Road Trip
The best photos often come when we least expect them. This one is a result of not making it to Driftwood Beach in time for the sunrise, and we couldn't be happier.
Pensive Sari Black and White
The reflections in the shallows were too irresistible to pass up. Jekyll Island Causeway, Georgia
Driftwood Beach, GA
Simplicity and Serenity at Driftwood Beach, Georgia
Pensive Sari on Our Summer Road Trip
Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
Crabtree Falls, North Carolina
Sunrise at Crabtree Falls, North Carolina. This place was one of the most magical of the entire trip.
A Quick Bit About Crabtree Falls

If you’ve ever been camping in a campground, you know about the campground host. If you haven’t, the campground hosts serve many purposes. They welcome you, answer questions, sell you firewood, and basically act as the liaison between the authorities and the campers. At Crabtree Falls we stumbled upon the sweetest campground hosts anyone could ask for. Ruth and her husband retired five years ago, and now spend their time migrating from campground to campground as hosts. When Ruth found out about our photography, she jumped with excitement! She advised us that the sun would hit the waterfall at sunrise, and encouraged us to get up early. Ruth’s enthusiasm for life and Nature played a large part in our appreciation for Crabtree Falls. Out of our entire summer road trip, this spot endures as the most memorable.

Beautiful North Carolina Sunset
We had the best seats in the house for this explosive sunset near Crabtree Falls Campground, North Carolina.
Gorgeous Colorado Sunrise
Our reward for waking up at 2:30am and driving up to Mount Evans, Colorado
Strong Sari on Our Summer Road Trip
She's a strong, independent woman who don't need no man.... but is still happy to have one!
Mike Cheesing on Our Summer Road Trip
It's impossible not to cheese like this when soaking up the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Milky Way Over Red Rocks Las Vegas
25 minutes outside of Las Vegas, the city of neon, live some of the darkest skies we've seen.

2020 en Santiago de Chile
candid engagement photos
Beautiful North Carolina Sunset